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Stocks finish quarter on positive note
The S&P; 500 records its fifth successive quarterly gain as Janet Yellen, Fed chairwoman, eases worries about US interest rates rising earlier than expected
Data: 31/03/2014 Ora: 08:24:30 PM 
Investors re-engage with emerging markets
The currencies previously seen as most exposed to the US Federal Reserve’s tapering have rallied in recent weeks despite unpromising world events
Data: 31/03/2014 Ora: 05:17:43 PM 
Lira resumes rally after AKP poll win
Turkish lira jumps to a two-month high after the incumbent AK party appears to have won a resounding victory in local elections over the weekend
Data: 31/03/2014 Ora: 04:27:49 PM 
CLS warns of financial system ‘shakedown’
CLS, a settlement house, filed a countersuit alleging that Alice’s patents were overly broad and therefore invalid and unenforceable
Data: 30/03/2014 Ora: 06:42:42 PM 
Bischoff calls for return of ‘cosy’ rules
Sir Win Bischoff lauds era when cosy chats and judgment trumped a strict rule book, as he sounds alarm over an overly prescriptive approach
Data: 30/03/2014 Ora: 06:27:49 PM 
ECB keeps close watch on inflation report
In the US, the two most closely watched monthly releases are expected to confirm the health of recovery but contraction in China is expected
Data: 30/03/2014 Ora: 01:16:28 PM 
Frankfurt becomes Europe’s first RMB payment hub
China is world’s top exporter but only a tenth of companies’ international dealings are settled in renminbi, in part because of currency restrictions
Data: 29/03/2014 Ora: 01:21:38 PM 
Stocks finish week on firm footing
Equity markets end the week on a positive note, bolstered by talk of action from the ECB and Beijing to support their economies
Data: 28/03/2014 Ora: 08:14:33 PM 
Election hopes boost lira and rupee
As elections approach in Turkey and India, the lira and rupee are lifted by the polls, while fading fears of a hard landing in China boost commodity currencies
Data: 28/03/2014 Ora: 02:31:18 PM 
Rupee gains on India election fever
Markets are betting on an election victory for Narendra Modi, chief minister of Gujurat – a state often lauded as India’s most investor-friendly
Data: 28/03/2014 Ora: 08:25:02 AM 
Stocks drift as data fail to inspire
European and US stocks fall as worries about Russia and Ukraine overshadow the markets and data releases offer few incentives to buyers
Data: 27/03/2014 Ora: 08:18:46 PM 
Growth outlook boosts New Zealand dollar
New Zealand’s dollar jumps to a three-year high against its US counterpart, continuing its run as the best performer of the major currencies this year
Data: 27/03/2014 Ora: 01:58:27 PM 
UBS suspends six more forex traders
Swiss bank’s move is the first time a trader in Singapore, the world’s third largest forex trading hub, has been suspended as part of probe
Data: 27/03/2014 Ora: 09:59:52 AM 
IMF pledges $14bn-$18bn for Ukraine
Provisional bailout is a significant boost to the Kiev government as it seeks to stabilise the economy while facing intense pressure from Russia
Data: 27/03/2014 Ora: 09:51:23 AM 
Turkey rally presumes Erdogan poll win
Investors are betting that the prime minister will emerge from local elections with his grip on government intact, albeit chastened by recent scandals
Data: 27/03/2014 Ora: 08:14:20 AM 
Eurozone risks losing its good looks
The surplus in the final quarter of 2013 hit almost 3% of gross domestic product – the highest since the euro was launched in 1999
Data: 27/03/2014 Ora: 07:35:26 AM 
S&P; 500 falters after nearing record high
Early strength for US stocks fades by the close, while gold hits a five-week low below the $1,300 mark and short-dated Treasury yields edge higher
Data: 26/03/2014 Ora: 08:12:08 PM 
Crimea’s businesses in buoyant mood
Officials promise that the mooring of Crimea’s financial future to a stronger economy is reason to celebrate, but the buoyant mood is tinged with trepidation
Data: 26/03/2014 Ora: 07:28:40 PM 
IMF rushes through $15bn bailout for Kiev
Concern Kiev running out of foreign currency and initial aid payments could be made by the end of April, according to officials involved in the negotiations
Data: 26/03/2014 Ora: 04:50:54 PM 
London to host renminbi clearing bank
The move, agreed between the UK and Beijing, will allow investors to cut the risk from making overseas payments in the Chinese currency
Data: 26/03/2014 Ora: 12:00:51 PM